Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Nintendo Revolution?

I predict that Nintendo will make a huge splash in the coming year as far as the upcoming "console war" is concerned. Nintendo is due for a huge comeback, and the entire videogame industry is seriously in need of a facelift. Nintendo has always stuck to their guns when it comes to making innovative and creative titles, and the industry and development playing field is level enough now that whatever Nintendo does next will be a very welcome breath of fresh air.

Although the new controller may seem a little esoteric at first, I don't see it as that bizzare of an innovation to scare people away from the new system. Imagine a new version of Mario Paint (which it seems pretty likely that they are planning this) which would be built entirely around the freedom of the new input device. I see the Revolution as bringing more creativity into videogames, which is ultimately where the videogame industry has been heading anyways (i.e. user-created mods, MMO worlds & character creation).