Monday, October 30, 2006

Every Extend Extra


Wikipedia entry - Every Extend Extra interview with the creator of EEE, "Tetsuya Mizuguchi". Mizuguchi-san is also the creator of famed games Sega Rally, Rez, Lumines, and Space Channel 5.

Hello, world! - A visual code for Google Earth. A Semacode representation of "Hello, world!" mowed into a field in Germany. Here's the Flickr stream too.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The shuttle launch as seen from the International Space Station.

(!) - By the way, NASA is getting set to launch their STEREO mission in a few minutes here. The goal of the mission is to stereoscopically image the sun. Countdown to launch...

The World of Awe (2001) Here the story of the traveler unfolds.
The implication is that s/he has left him/her forever because the beloved's image will change so much in the traveller's head that they wouldn't be able to relate to each other anymore.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

George Gilder on Cloud Computing, Google's mass takeover, and the future of the the information age.

ECCO has been on hiatus for a little bit here. I am starting to get back on track. I am currently devouring the oeuvre of Bruce Sterling...I am reading Tomorrow Now (Random House, 2002) at the moment. I am really into all this futurist/futurology stuff right now; it all seems relevant. Funny where life pushes us sometimes. I grew up on computers and information technology and worshipped them on kind of a pedestal; but now the internet and technology are becoming increasingly, well, mundane. *Sigh*. Everything concerning information tech is becoming commodified and advertised and losing some of its sacredness. It only seems like the pattern will continue on with nanotech, genetic engineering, and even intellectual property of any sort. Well, I still have a lot of reading and soaking up to do on the current state of things (I've been slacking, I must admit).