Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Earth Coincidence Control Office

This is the first post here at the Earth Coincidence Control Office (E.C.C.O). If you are wondering where I got the title for this weblog, it was coined by the late Dr. John C. Lilly and detailed in his book "The Dyadic Cyclone". Lilly posited that human experiences were set up as a chain of "coincidences" , being played out here on Earth (and beyond), while being governed by some unexplainable force or set of rules. By defining E.C.C.O.'s existence Lilly was able to give a name to the seeming unfathomable connections and possibilities in the universe that man was, and often still is, incapable of grasping. Being such a scientific mind as he was, I believe that this was John's way of defining his own "god", making the concept into a tangible thing.

With this blog, I hope to discuss a few topics each day, and detail how they are often quite intricately interconnected. Seemingly mundane occurences that happen everyday can be shown in a magical new light once one sees their manifestations and repercussions throughout all of life. It is my goal to honor Dr. Lilly and carry on his ideas into this new age of technology and discovery...an age where his ideas seem all the more applicable each day.

To read about E.C.C.O. in John's own words, please jump over to this page:
"Future Hi - John Lilly - E.C.C.O."

For more info on the life and works of Dr. Lilly, check out the John C. Lilly website:
"John C. Lilly Homepage"

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Abhishek said...

I have read several article by John C LIlly on ECCO and strongly beleive that most of the events are similar...in a sense.And it is only the actors change their position in every events.
I personally think that there has to be a progressive process of learning or whatever it may be...continuing throughoutour life...

What say u??