Sunday, July 08, 2007

I am currently starting a couple of projects, the first being preliminary designs for a new kind of computer operating system. It is basically an offshoot of sorts of what the r3volude project was. I want to create an open-source 3D operating system based on OpenGL and other open-source technologies. The core idea of the OS is that it will require a broadband network connection and current 3D hardware, and that everything you do in the OS will be easily linked to any other thing you do on the computer or over the internet.

My other project is that I am designing my personal house of the future. I am going to design a home that is eco-friendly and loaded with the latest in computer and media technology, as well as integrated home-control systems. Come back later for updates on both of these undertakings.

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Giovanni C. said...

Hi Paul, thank you for the comment.
I think it's cool and useful to have a real 3D operating system. Good Luck :)